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Freitag, März 08, 2013

Eva Longoria - Sheba Feed Your Passion Campaign

Eva Longoria holds onto her feline friend Goose while attending the Sheba Feed Your Passion Campaign launch held at the Copacabana on Thursday (March 7) in New York City.
“Excited 2 work w/@ShebaBrand 2 celebrate the many passions of cat lovers! Enter #FeedYourPassion Contest now!” the 37-year-old actress tweeted that day.
For the contest, all you need to do is select a picture of your cat and tell Sheba how you would celebrate your ultimate passion! 

My cat Tarek looks like Eva's cat Goose;-)

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  1. Dein hübscher Tarek :)

    Ich hab schon Angst vor meinen nächsten Tattoo, das wird nämlich was größeres.


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